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[[Category:Wilderness deaths]]
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This page contains a list of names of children lost during program (LDP) or at some point shortly after the program.

This page covers the period from Januar 1, 2010. Deaths which have occured prior to this date has been moved to separate pages.

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Other periods

Period 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000-4 2005-9 2010 -
Died during program 1 18 45 37 28 0
Died after program None 2 1 8 27 0

Please notice that not all deaths are recorded as the news about some deaths are kept out of the media to marketing and settlements. If you have been at a program and know of a death please notice that this pages only include entries which can be verified by links.

Lost during program

Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)

Cause of death

  • (H) Homicide
  • (S) Suicide
  • (R) Restraint
  • (N) Negligence
  • (NC) Natural Causes
  • (A) Accident
  • (M) Medical
  • (B) Beating
  • (BA) Boating Accident (drowning)
  • (UI) Under Investigation
  • (UK) Unknown
  • (OD) Overdose

Lost after leaving the program

Due to privacy issues we don't state cause of death unless it is stated in the reference.

Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)

Missing in action

- moved to a separate page - Missing and wanted -

Straight Inc. and spin-offs

Some of the most deadly program when we are talking of the survival rate among former participants is the Straight Inc. and the spin-off programs.

The survivor community have a list of names on their memorial site. The people who have moved to the next world are tagged with RIP [1]

External Links


  1. Kids of Bergen County / KIDS of North Jersey partipants list is here