Victims - 1990s

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Victim 1990's is a subpage of the main Victims page.

Disclaimer: The list is incomplete as research is not finished.

Deaths in programs during the 1990's

Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)
Diane Harris 17 (R) Sequin Community Living Center April 14, 1990 Restraint death[1] [2]
Michelle Lynn Sutton 15 (N) Summit Quest May 9, 1990 Negligence [3] [4]
Kristen Chase 16 (N) Challenger June 27, 1990 Negligence [5]
John Vincent Garrison 18 Vision Quest June, 1990 Unknown[6]
Anthony Green 15 (R) Brookhaven Youth Ranch May 12, 1991 Restraint [7]
Geoffrey Alan Vorhies 13 (S) Echo Glen Children's Center (Unknown Month/Day) 1992 Found hanging [8]
Paul Choy 16 (N) Rites of Passage (Nevada) February 4,1992 According to members of the staff he became violent and that he stopped breathing even though they followed carefully drawn rules on retraining residents [9]
Christy Scheck 13 (S) Southwood Psychiatric Hospital March 6, 1992 Found hanging [10].
Dawn Renay Perry 16 (R) Behavior Training Research April 10, 1993 Restraint [11]
Jason Tallman 12 (R) Kid's Peace May 12, 1993 Restraint [12]
Casey Collier 17 (R) Cleo Wallace Center December 1993 Restraint [13].
Aaron Wright Bacon 16 (N) Northstar Expeditions March 31, 1994 Neglected illness among more [14]
Thomas Mapes 17 (R) Youth Center of Topeka July 8, 1994 Restraint [15]
Jamar Griffiths 15 (R) Allen Residential Center October 18, 1994 Restraint [16] [17]
Shinaul McGraw 12 (R) New Directions 2nd Chance June 5, 1994 Restraint [18]
Lorenzo Johnson 17 (A) Arizona Boys Ranch June 27, 1994 Downing in a attempt to escape [19]
Carlos Ruiz 13 Vision Quest December 16, 1994 Unknown cause [20]
Jonathan Avila 16 (S) Rocky Mountain Academy July 25, 1994 Found hanging from a pipe [21]
Jeffrey Bogrett 9 (R) New England Center for Autism December 1, 1995 Restraint [22]
Earl Smith 9 (R) Children's Village January 11, 1995 Restraint [23]
Dawnne Takeuchi 18 (A) Vision Quest June 25, 1995 Fell of a wagon [24] [25]
Eric Roberts 16 (R) Odyssey Harbor February 22, 1996 Restraint [26]
Will Futrelle 15 (H) Mountain Park Baptist Academy March 25, 1996 Silenced - properly from other detainees [27]
Bobby Sue Thomas 17 (R) Northwood Children's Home August 16, 1996 Restraint [28]
Rochelle Clayborne 16 (R) Laurel Ridge August 18. 1997 Restraint [29]. An article tells of other deaths in relationship with this facility [30]
Melissa Neyman 19 (R) Private Group Home in WA July 24, 1997 Restraint [31] [32]
Jimmy Kanda 16 (R) Crow's Nest Family Care September 20, 1997 Restraint [33]
Chris Campbell 13 (R) Iowa Juvenile Home November 2, 1997 Restraint [34]
Robert Rollins 12 (R) Devereaux School April 21, 1997 Restraint [35]
Sakena Dorsey 19 (R) Foundation Behavioral June 10, 1997 Restraint [36]
Jeffrey Demetrius 17 (R) Crockett State School August 26, 1997 Restraint [37]
Kelly Young 17 (R) Brisbane Child Treatment January 5, 1998 Restraint [38]
Dustin E. Phelps 14 (R) Lancaster foster home (Ohio) March 1, 1998 Restraint [39]
Laura Hanson 17 (R) Unknown Facility November 19, 1998 Restraint [40]
Mark Draheim 14 (R) Kids Peace December 1998 Restraint 1 out of 3 children to die at this facility [41]
Nicholas Contreras 16 (N) Arizona Boys Ranch March 2, 1998 Restraint [42] [43]
Matt Toppi 17 (A) Robert Land Academy March 7, 1998 Run over by a train [44]
Chris Brown 16 (A) Robert Land Academy March 7, 1998 Run over by a train together with Matt Toppi. It was his second attempt at freedom [45]
Ashley Shaddox 14 (SH) Echo Glen Children's Center March 1, 1998 Found hanging [46]
Andrew McClain 11 (R) Elmcrest Psychiatric Hospital March 22, 1998 Restraint [47]
Tristan Sovern 16 (R) Charter Behavioral Healthcare March 4, 1998 Restraint [48] [49].
Mark Soares 16 (R) Wayside Union Academy April 29, 1998 Restraint - placed in headlock. [50]
Edith Campos 15 (R) Desert Hills February 4, 1998 Restraint - had a photo of her brother which was against the rules in the group home [51]
Chad Andrew Franza 16 Polk County Boot Camp August, 1998 Found hanging in his cell [52]
Kristal Mayon-Ceniceros 16 (R) New Alternatives February 5, 1999 Restraint [53] [54]
Jerry McLaurin 14 (R) New Horizons Ranch November 2, 1999 Restraint [55]
Joshua Sharpe 17 (R) Wisconsin Treatment Center December 28, 1999 Restraint [56]

Cause of death

  • (H) Homicide
  • (S) Suicide
  • (R) Restraint
  • (N) Negligence
  • (NC) Natural Causes
  • (A) Accident
  • (M) Medical
  • (B) Beating
  • (BA) Boating Accident (drowning)
  • (UI) Under Investigation
  • (UK) Unknown
  • (OD) Overdose

Missing in action

Youth who have dissapeared from a program. Whether they are dead or living under a different identity is not known. Dates of dissapearces is not acurate as most programs won't report escaped because they wan't to avoid bad press. They settle in private with the parents instead.

Name Age Program Date Status
Blake Wade Pursley 14 (1994) CEDU Around June 1994 No positive sighting. Family believe that he was abducted off campus [57]

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