Victims - China

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This page contains a list of youth, who died in the care of a boot camp, group home or a boarding school in China.

Victims list

Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)
(Unknown) (Unknown) (Unknown program in the Chongqing Municipality) 2007 Unknown but there are claims of abuse [1]
Deng Senshan 16 Guangxi Qihang Survival Training Camp July 2009 Claims to have been beaten to death [2]
Yao Jian 14 Tianhai Boot Camp School August 2009 Collapsed during a 70 km long walk [3]
Chen Shi 16 Beiteng School September 2010 Allegedly beaten to death [4]
Guo Lingling 19 Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training School May 2014 Died after having been dropped on the ground several times by instructors [5]
Li Ao 18 Hefei education August 2017 Died within 2 days of him entering the detox camp. Investigation ongoing [6]


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