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[[Category:Supposed suicide]]
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This page contains a list of youth, who died in the care of a group home or a boarding school in Denmark.

The list is far from complete. The minister of social services has denied a request from the organization Godhavnsdrengene (The boys from the facility Godhavn) of an investigation of this area.

Victims list

Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)
Amalie Ravn ? Sydvestfyns Efterskole 1990 Alleged suicide [1]
(Unknown) 18 Humble April 2004 Downing [2] [3]
(Unknown) 17 Egely December 2006 Supposed suicide - necktie party [4] [5]
Piuaatsoq Umaq 19 Nyborgskolen March 26, 2009 Not yet determined [6]


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