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Merits are awarded mostly by the Student through what we call a “Self-Directed Program”. Developing Self-Direction or Internal Direction rather than requiring continued External Direction is the long term key to your child’s success. Students evaluate their own progress each day; the amount of merits the Student receives will be primarily determined by their own evaluation. Staff will review the evaluations and provide a safety net for those who would exaggerate their evaluation or exploit the situation. There are some that will do that but they are the exception rather than the rule. Our experience is that when people evaluate themselves they tend to be pretty accurate or maybe even critical, more importantly because it is their evaluation it means more to them. They begin to see and understand more clearly what they need to do differently so they can give themselves a higher evaluation. It becomes them, not the Staff or others, that are responsible for their progress. No one is holding them back. They begin to feel more empowered and motivated. Furthermore, once they complete the School, they will continue with the same Self Directed Program during their transition back to home.

The Student’s merits come from the Student’s self-evaluation on their Academic Progress, Classroom Citizenship, Overall Receptiveness, Relationships, Responsibilities, Reflections, and Review Meetings. See forms for additional information.

The merit system places responsibility for progress and change squarely upon the Student. It emphasizes ownership, not just mechanics. In this system, we create an environment, and provide resources, where by the Student is more keenly focused and aware of their own accountability in determining their results, thus encouraging the progress of your Student.



Students earn up to 12 merits for each day they serve as a Bunk Leader or a “Senior Buddy” for a new Student. Students earn up to 2 merits for each day they serve as an Assistant Bunk Leader.


Students can earn 50 Merits for successfully completing Orientation Seminar. Students earn up to 200 Merits for successfully completing the Discovery Seminar. Students earn up to 400 Merits for successfully completing the Focus Seminar. Students can earn up to 100 Merits when they successfully staff any seminar with commendation.


Students earn 100 Merits for each academic course they complete.