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The most beneficial part of the School is when your child is able to participate in the Youth Leadership Program. This experience is important for a number of reasons:

  • The Student begins viewing themselves as part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
  • The Student has to learn to stand up to and confront their peers, for most of our Students, this is critical to their long term success.
  • The Student learns appreciation for parents and authority figures. Many of us did not really appreciate our parents until we became parents ourselves. This experience puts the Student in a parent like role, which gives them a whole new appreciation for their own parents.
  • The Student begins to see and understand the need for rules, limits, and boundaries.
  • The Student gets a better insight into his/her own past negative behavior and why it didn’t work for them.

There isn’t a better way to learn to be responsible than by having responsibility; this experience places a lot of responsibility upon the Student.

  • The Student feels needed and valued.
  • The Student learns how to work with others and how to serve and contribute to the success of others.
  • The Student’s self-esteem and outlook is improved.

Students may have the opportunity to participate in the Youth Leadership Program in the following two positions: Bunk Leaders and Facility Leaders. Each bunk of two Students is assigned a Bunk Leader who is responsible for both Students’ general conduct and adherence to the School standards. Facility Leaders function three days a week as a Staff assistant or as an assistant to a Dorm Parent.

Again, the Youth Leadership Program is the part of the Program that has the most amounts of growth opportunities for your child. Like all opportunities and positions of responsibility, this position has to be earned by the Student. Then, and only then, will your child have earned the respect and confidence of the Staff and other Students necessary for them to succeed in this position. Due to the importance of this part of the Program in the growth of your child, we feel it is important that your child eventually has an opportunity to function in both of these leadership positions. Best results can be realized when this happens.


The best results can be realized when you are committed to having your child completes all phases of the Character Building Program.

Criteria for completing the Character Building Program are several fold:

  • A The Student successfully completes each of the Seminars. All phases of the Parent/Child Workshops must be completed.
  • B The Student staffs a minimum of four seminars. Staffing the seminars provides the Student an opportunity to review, reinforce and assimilate the concepts taught in the seminars.
  • C The Student successfully completes all statuses. Each Status is earned by hard work in character building courses, academics, seminars, and a physical fitness Program.
  • D The Student, to the satisfaction of his/her parents and Family Representative, resolves any and all issues that would impede a successful return to the family and home.
  • E The Student demonstrates follow-through, and that new habits are being formed.
  • F The Student completes two successful home visits, the first being shorter in length and later visits more lengthy.
  • G The Student has functioned as a youth leader both as a Bunk Leader and a Facility Leader. The Youth Leadership Program is the part of the Program that results in the most growth for the Student. The Student should have functioned as a Facility Leader for at least six months.
  • H The Student has successfully completed all criteria of the Internalization Phase.