Waimokoia School

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Current status Closed
Detainees.gif Capacity 50
Checked July 15, 2011
Open.gif Opened 1091
Close.gif Closed 2010

Waimokoia School was a boarding school which had a target group of children with behavioural problems.

It was founded around 1981 [1]. It closed January 27, 2010[2]

They were able to detain 50 children at the school. At the time of the closture there were 35 children at the school [2]

The children normally spent between six and 12 months there before returning to their usual school [2]


July 2010 an investigation into a sexual assault on one of the former residents by a staff member was started [3]

The closure also resulted in a new strategy regarding teenagers with behavior troubles were the Ministry will coordinate access to new services and to the two remaining residential behaviour schools. The Ministry will also strengthen the monitoring of outcomes for all students who are being supported in residential behaviour schools and by the new service [2]

Criminal conviction
Defendent: Graeme McCardle
Punishment: 6 years
Issued: 2010
Source: [4]

A former staff member was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for various sex crimes [5].

June 2011 a proposal to create a college on the campus of the closed school was opposed by the local community [6]

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