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Checked December 24, 2010
Open.gif Opened 2006

Waterfall Canyon Academy is a common name for a number of group homes targeting so-called at-risk teenagers and young adults.

They have a number of branches around the town of Ogden in Utah.

Most stay in the program for 16 months [1]

As of December 2010 they had the following branches [2]:

  • OakGrove North Campus - Boys Residential Program
  • Independent Living Program - for Young Adult Males
  • OakGrove South Campus - Boys Residential Program
  • OakGrove South Campus - Girls Residential Program
  • OakGrove School - Washington Campus
  • OakGrove School - Jefferson Campus
  • OakGrove Transition Program

Program structure

They utilize the use of Aggression Replacement Training (ART). The three core components are:

  • Skill-streaming
  • Anger management
  • Moral reasoning


They have their own internal school with average class sizes between 4 and 7. It is stated on the homepage that they are accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools


On the Common question page of the facility it is stated [3]:

  • Unlimited letters to and from the student (US mail and e-mail)
  • Students have two 15 minutes outgoing telephone calls each week
  • Parents may call the student for two 15 minutes phone calls, at designated times each week
  • Parents may call anytime and speak with a designated program representative

All visitation has to be approved by the staff. During the first 30 days visits can only take place at the campus. After 30 days off-campus visits are allowed. Home visits can be approved after 4 months.

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  1. Datasheet at NATSAP
  2. Photo gallery, homepage of the facility
  3. Common questions, homepage of the facility