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Wellspring Camps are a number of summer camps targeted against overweight youth and their families.

Program structure

The program last between 1 week (family camps only) and 8 weeks. The Australia program offers 2 or 4 weeks programs.

The teenagers are living in tents and sometime at cabins or at facilities owned by company.

In the news

The reality show "I know what you ate last summer" was filmed at the California program, where six teenagers were banished from the United Kingdom in order to complete the 8 week program [1].

The california program was also used for the Australia serie "Teen Fit Camp" where 6 Australian teenagers travel the Californian coastline for a number of weeks [2] [3] While the show was critized by critics [4], most are of the opinion that the show made it possible for Aspen Education Group to enter the Australian market [5].


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