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West Ridge Academy is a behavior modification facility located on 5500 West Bagley Park Road, West Jordan, Utah [1]. A previous name was Utah Boys Ranch.

It was found in 1964. For many year the program was for boys only. In 2004 they expended their facility and started to enroll girls. The boys and the girls lives separated and share only the caferia, but they never visit it at the same time.

They can detain 120 teenagers and the average lenght of the program is 8 months [2]

Program structure

The website speak of the process of different levels, but they also have a color code when it comes to the uniform of the student. A student dress in a color which should tell the staff to what degree the teenager has subjected to the program. Bright yellow shirts indicate a lack of trustworthiness.


The communication will be between the parents and the staff. As stated on their homepage the staff will decide when the teenager can be allowed to speak with his or her own family.


A documentary about small town Utah high school basketball teams features West Ridge Academy's team. [3]. Survivors have recently visited the facility in order to get their records [4]

Some of the former staff members are now working for CALO in Missouri[5].

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