Whispering Pines Academy

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This facility is currently being investigated by the Fornits Webforum

Whispering Pines Academy is a behavior modification facility being established somewhere south of Trout Creek in Montana. An address mentioned is 331 Swamp Creek Loop Rd Trout Creek, MT 59874, but it has not been confirmed.

The leading forces behind the facility is Mike Lindeman, who formerly worked for Spring Creek Lodge, a facility long known for their connection to WWASP.

Another person on the board is Claire Fontaine, an author of the pro-industry book Comeback. Her daughter attended Morava Academy when the Czech authorities shut it down and tranferred her daughter to Spring Creek Lodge despite the on-going investigation in Europe.

According to records by a private membership organisation - NATSAP the facility should be able to detain teenagers some time in 2007 [1].

However the homepage are not up yet [2]


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