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White River Academy is a behavior modification facility located near Delta in Utah. The postal adress are stated to be 275 W 100 S, Delta, UT 84624 [1].

The facility was established in Costa Rica in July 2002 under the name: "White River Adventure" [2]. Among the founders was Randall Hinton, who later was convicted in relationship with his role at Royal Gorge Academy [2]. Another person in the management is Justin Nielson.

The facility moved to Utah in November 2006.

It is for boys only aged 13 to 17.

Program structure

They sell three types of program marketed as boot camps programs [3].

  • 60 day wake up call program
  • 90 day wake up call program
  • Long Term program

They use a level system.


According to their website the detained teenager can speak to his parents twice per month minimum.


A special "High Impact program" will be forced upon teenagers, who tries to run.

In the News

In December 2006 two of the detained boys managed to escape. Despite lack of court order regarding their status as detainees, they were returned to the facility for further confinement [5].

In January 2007 a stabbing took place at the facility. A 17 year old boy was stabbed by a 16 year old. The wound was 4 inches deep and the victim ended up at the Delta Community Hospital [4].


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