White Rock Academy

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Current status Closed
Detainees.gif Capacity ?
Checked October 3, 2011
Open.gif Opened 2006
Close.gif Closed 2009

White Rock Academy was a behavior modificaton facility located in buildings of the White Rock Middle School. The address was 203 Grand Avenue, Esbon, Kansas [1]. It is a kind of lockdown. Their FAQ page stated:

Can a student run away?
White Rock Academy students are under 24-hour supervision. Students are never left alone or unsupervised. White Rock Academy is “staff secure,” assuring parents their child is safe.

It was founded by Ted and Tom Madsen in 2006 [2].

They were able to detain 36 teenagers of both genders.

According to a cache webpage on NATSAP the program lasted between 30 and 90 days [3].

The worked together with another facility in Utah called Key Point Academy [4].

Program Structure

They used a variant of a positive peer culture called strong model. The program is constructed by a author, who use the synonymous Michael Behning [5] (His real name is not known to the public).

The program consisted of therapy combined with scare. Beside Individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy they also visited local prisons where the inmates will teached the teenagers a lesson in a "safe" environment.


Autumn 2008 there was an escape from the facility [6]

July 2009 it was reported that the State of Kansas had ordered the program to shut down based on:

  • Emergency exit doors locked in violation of the state fire and safety code [7].
  • The facility was failing to provide intensive mental health, drug and alcohol treatment to meet the levels of care needed by the residents [7].
  • At least one youth was reportedly handcuffed throughout his month-long stay at the facility in August 2007 [7].
  • Out-of-state youths at the academy did not have state authorities' permission to be admitted to a Kansas facility [7].

There was 24 teenagers detained at the facility at the time when the order to close was issued [7].

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