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The White Shield Center located on 2640 NW Alexandra, Portland, Oregon offers a number of programs [1]

It is managed by the Salvation Army.


They present four programs on their homepage:

  • A long term parenting program
  • The James and Lila Miller Early Intervention Center
  • The Wildflowers program
  • Transitioning to independence

The Wildflowers program which is targeted towards girls aged between 12 and 18 is currently under investigation by HEAL-online. It is a locked program for girls placed there by the state for a number of reasons. The length of stay is stated to be 90 days but longer stays have been seen.

A newspaper article described that they use a level system in their programs [2].


The run a inhouse school [3]

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Survivor groups

  • Survivor group: Moms love is forever Support group on Yahoo for Stolen Babies, Exiled Parents, and Siblings missing brothers and sisters to provide support and healing to those who were affected by forced and coerced adoption.

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  1. The facility on Google maps
  2. Haven on a Hill, by Linda D. Johnson, Priority Magazine