Whitmore Academy

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Whitmore Academy was a behavior modification facility located in Nephi, Utah [1].

They had room for 12 female detainees [2].

It was closed down following a trial, where one of the owner - Cheryl Sudweeks - made a bargain with the authorities [3].

Cheryl Sudweeks was charged with 7 counts of child abuse, hazing against 4 Whitmore students as a result of this criminal investigation--and she accepted a PLEA BARGAIN, rather than face a criminal trial. Cheryl Sudweeks accepted her guilt.


Beside the residential program the owners also used a part of the mansion for Bed and Breakfast. It remains unclear whether the Bed and Breakfast remains open for customers [4]

In the news

In 2002 one of the managers - Mark Sudweeks - were found guilty on two counts of causing distress under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act.[5]

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