Wilderness Quest

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Wilderness Quest is a behavior modification program using the concept of wilderness therapy.

The program was founded in 1988. A former name was Wilderness Conquest.

The program last between 7 - 9 weeks. They have a 50 days minimum stay and they state on their webpage that a stay can last longer if the detained teenager to do complete the phases.

Program structure

According to the info page on NATSAP the program use a level system with five levels [1].

Eventhough the levels are not described on the webpage of the program, the admission contract speaks of the Family phase at the end of the program.

While the teenagers are detained in the program, the family must complete a workbook and listen to tapes and suffer the embarrasment of attending 12-steps meetings even when they have no problems themselves.


Opposite the most of the program the teenager can not mail to his or her parents. The parent are fully depending of the communication the staff members give to them by phone. The family can write letter to their child during the solo phase.


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