Yellowstone Boys and Girls

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This facility is being investigated by Fornits Webforum

Yellowstone Boys and Girls is a behavior modification facility located on 1732 S 72nd Street West, Billings, Montana 59106 [1]

Program Structure

The facility use a level system where the children are forced to submit to the program in order to advance from a real lockdown environment to normal boarding school conditions. Depending on the child's intake condition they may be put in a lockdown facility like Brekkeflat or a semi secure unit like Fortin.

Intake / High secure units

Some new arrivals are detained in the Brekkeflat Intensive Treatment Unit depending on there condition during the intake process. It is basically a level three lockdown. A mother, who took her son from the facility destribed it in a tread on Fornits webforum:

My son had been placed on an “individual security plan” or solitary confinement, which meant he had no contact with peers in the facility, he could make no outside phone calls and he was under constant surveillance by the staff. The reported number of procedures enforced involving physical restraints was extremely high. He was frequently physically restrained several times in a single day for relatively minor infractions. He has a large lump on his forehead and he explained to me that he had been “choke-slammed” or grabbed by the throat, thrown face first on the floor by a staff person and then again restrained.

High secure units

They have three high secure units, which serve different age groups and gender.

  • Shumaker Lodge (10 girls, ages 12 to 18) Lockdown unit, keys are required to enter or exit the unit.
  • Alvina Kramlich Lodge (10 girls, ages 12 to 18)
  • Paul Stock Lodge (10 younger boys, up to the age of 14)

These three units are classified as high security and all but Shumaker lodge are in house education centers.

Units with structured environment

If the detained teenagers can show that she submit to the program, they can be moved to these units, which offers a structured environment with out the security of the above units.

  • Fortin Lodge (18 boys, aged 10 to 18, Broken up into Fortin East and West lodges. Fortin West is for older boys ages 14-18 and Fortin east is for boys ages 13 and younger.)
  • McVay Lodge (10 boys, ages 12 to 18)
  • Leuthold Lodge (10 boys, ages 9 to 13)
  • Dorothy's Lodge (Formerly King lodge) Little Boys Lodge (8 boys, ages 6 to 11)

Units with less structured environment

  • Jessie Grant Group Home Lodge (10 girls, ages 12 to 18)
  • King Group Home (10 boys, ages 12 to 18)


If one of the children are not working the program they can be placed on "individual security plan" or "Focus" (in the boys lodges). A "focus" is either a type I, II, or III. A type I focus is 1 hour, A type II is 4 hours, and a type III is 6 hours. Each hour of a focus is broken down into 4 15 minute activities, room time, lodge chore, writing assignment (either 75 sentences of 10 words or less, or a 150 word essay), and peer interaction. For the girls lodges the punishment is broken up by signatures. With a 75 signature punishment being the most severe. Each signature is equal to one 15 minute activity in the boy's "focus" punishment. The activities are the same.

In the news

A newspaper reported of an alleged incident of abuse. The facility has denied to report the incident to the Montana Child Protective Services Agency, so it could be investigated by the authorities. The facility would not allow parents and the child's lawyer access to the child [2] [3].

The boy was later redrawn from the facility [4]


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