Yes Academy

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Current status Open
Checked April 5, 2015

Yes Academy is a residential program located near Mercer, Pennsylvania [1]

The target group is males aged 11-18. They must have been sentenced before they turn 18 [2]. The facility focus on treating juvenile fire setters, sex offenders, and excessively aggressive behaviors [3].

The facility is claimed to be licensed by The Department of Public Welfare, Office of Children, Youth and Families Division and possesses a DPW-3800 license to operate an institution for troubled youth in the state of Pennsylvania [2].

Program structure

Living standards

Each of the boys live in their own room. 4 meals are provided per day.


The internal school is run year round. Daily hours are between 8:30 and 15:30. They use a computer system called Study Island computer courses

In the News

In 2010 a 14 year old boy named Carnez Boone downed while he was living at the facility [4]. The mother did later sued the facility [5]

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